The future is here: 5 CES 2018 smart home products that have our attention

Every year, tons of tech companies, manufacturers, and retailers descend upon the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to show off their latest & greatest innovations and to reaffirm that our lives really could be one hairbrained invention away from a Black Mirror episode.

From the wacky and weird (Come on - do you really need a self-driving suitcase???) to the sign-us-up-right-now innovations, here are 5 smart home products coming out of this year's CES that have caught our eye:

1. Whirlpool All-In-One Care Smart Washer And Dryer with Alexa & Apple Watch integration

Image source: Whirlpool

This invention falls in the category of "potentially too good to be true, but we're down," because let's face it: doing laundry sucks.

Even if you're one of those rare unicorns who enjoys laundry day, we guarantee that your busy, overachieving self has forgotten to put the soggy clothes from your washer into the dryer more than once, leaving you to do the dang thing all over again.

Whirlpool claims that this all-in-one technological miracle will dispense the right amount of detergent automatically, start drying once the load is finished being washed, and notify people once the laundry is ready to go.

On top of that, you'll be able to use your Apple Watch or Amazon Alexa-enabled devices to check its status and control the washer/dryer.

Mind. Blown.

2. Ubtech Walker (protoytpe)

Image source: The Verge

While this robot isn't set to come out until 2019 (and will supposedly have arms!), it's being touted as a more affordable "complete home butler."

If you're looking for an awkward new addition to the family that you won't have to worry about feeding or hurting its feelings without sacrificing abilities like playing a "slow game of soccer," home security patrol, and more ubiquitous things like scheduling assistance according to The Verge, then the Ubtech Walker is your guy/girl/non-gender conforming robot.

We just want to know if it'll be able to cook for us once it gets those arms.

3. Elmer Smart Shower system

Image source: Trend Hunter

You know the saying, "Do one thing, and do it well"?

That type of focused excellence does not apply to the folks who built the Elmer Smart Shower System.

Let's say you've got lots of shower needs. Maybe you want to play music while you shower. That's pretty reasonable. Maybe you can't stand the idea of hopping into a cold shower and want to be able to control its temperature remotely, either through your smart phone or speaker. That's pretty reasonable, too, for this day and age.

But, what about the smells? What if, much like us, you could never get the premium showering experience you've always wanted because you could never find a shower that would spray out essential oils while you control it remotely?

Lucky for you, the future is here.

4. Kohler Numi

Image source: Kohler

Kohler's Numi toilet is another one to file under, "There's a lot going on here."

With its price tag of $6,300, you'll have to have a pretty significant Open Listings buyer refund to splurge on this one, or a profoundly deep appreciation for one's porcelain throne.

But if a space-aged contraption that's motion activated, has "advanced bidet functionality," air drying, seat heating and foot-warming capabilities is on the top of your bathroom improvement must-haves, your potty-time prayers have been answered.

5. Scotts Gro Smart Watering Kits

Image source: Scotts Gro

Rounding out our list of CES smart home attention-grabbers is a line of products that's actually super useful.

Scotts has released a line of watering kits & sensors that help take the guesswork and turn your ninja-like plant killing abilities into a green thumb.

Their Gro Water Sensors are able to track the amount of moisture in your soil against different plant types and let you know when they're getting thirsty, keeping your garden nice and hydrated & your curb appeal game on point.

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