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How much can I borrow for my first home?

TL;DR First-time homebuyers are trying to figure out what mortgage best fits their needs. The reality is you don't always need to put down 20% to buy a home. Depending on your credit score and ideal loan terms, there are many types of mortgage structures that could work for you. Almost two-thirds of Americans are homeowners. That number that has dropped over the past several years, but the dream of homeownership remains a big one for most Americans. A

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How to apply for a mortgage: Your 4-step guide.

TLDR; Applying for a home loan is the first step to take when getting serious about buying a home. It will help you understand how much house you truly can afford. Get ready for the application process by gathering your financial info, finding a lender to work with, and getting pre-approved. You can always shop around and pick another lender once you get an accepted offer. Mortgage loan pre-approval means approaching a lender with financial, credit, debt, and other information

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The Complete Guide To Your Down Payment Amount (Down Payment Assistance Programs Included)

TL;DR There is no “right” down payment amount. Every buyer’s situation and location affect the amount they can put down. Given the plethora of financing options for any down payment amount, today’s home buyers put down between 0-20%. Putting down 20% allows you to save money over time with lower interest rates & monthly payments, but while lower down payments may cost more, they make homebuying achievable for many who otherwise wouldn't be able to make a

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#MCM October: Mid-Century Modern Homes For Sale

It’s not hard to see why lots of buyers fall for the enduring style of a mid-century modern home. Their open floor plans, endless glass walls, and Scandinavian-influenced simplicity epitomize the casual yet elevated aesthetics of west coast living and provide plenty of sight lines for those Pacific hillside, desert, mountain, and ocean views. This month, we used our service, Architectural Listings, to find some of our favorite mid-century modern homes for sale in October. So, pull up your

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FHA Loans: The solution for first-time buyers

TLDR: An FHA Loan is an affordable, accessible loan option that’s particularly suitable for first time home buyers. It protects lenders in the instance of borrower default and helps prospective home buyers who don’t have great credit, or who are making a low down payment on a home. What is an FHA loan, and how can it help first-time buyers? Navigating the home buying market is an exciting time for first time buyers. The terrain of the market’

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