Hello, Chicago! πŸ‘‹

We're stoked to announce that Open Listings is bringing our all-in-one homebuying service to the great city of Chicago & its suburbs.

As of today, Chicago area homebuyers can use our app and site to set up a real-time feed of home matches, book tours, get property reports & free expert advice, as well as create offers. And, when they buy a home in Chicago with us, they can take advantage of our 50% commission refund.

Open Listings app

With the booming Chicago tech scene gaining recognition as one of the top 10 tech hubs in the world, we know that there are a ton of tech-savvy homebuyers looking for a digital-first way to not just find, but buy, their new home. And, we're excited to offer them a service that can make their home goals a reality -- all while saving them serious money.

Today, almost a million monthly shoppers turn to Open Listings to help digitize & simplify their house hunt. And while the savings with our commission refund in a major housing market like Chicago are a serious benefit to buyers -- last year, Open Listings buyers received an average of $8,800+ -- the platform also lets real estate agents focus on getting offers accepted instead of searching for new clients, which allows our partner agents to offer a more personalized, responsive experience.

We're excited to add Chicago and its suburbs to Open Listings family. Where else can you find Frank Lloyd Wright homes for sale for under $200,000 or immaculate brownstones from the 1890s?

House hunting in Cook County? Browse Chicago area homes for sale on Open Listings, book tours, create offers, and get back an average of $9,604 with our 50% commission refund.