Introducing Partner Lenders at Open Listings

At Open Listings, we believe that homebuying doesn't have to be hard -- which means building the knowledge, tools, and support to give everyone the confidence to own their future.

Today, we're launching the latest step in creating an easier homebuying process.

We're proud to announce that we've partnered with some of the most experienced, well-reviewed, and dedicated mortgage lenders in California and Washington to help Open Listings buyers get closer to their home goals.

With an Open Listings Partner Lender, you'll get:

  1. Honest, unbiased advice that lays out all your mortgage options
  2. Personalized attention and end-to-end guidance throughout the entire mortgage process
  3. The most competitive rates

So, how does it work?

Open Listings partner lender program

As you go through the homebuying process on our site, we'll ask a few questions questions to better understand your goals and financial position.

Then, we'll be able to set you up with a mortgage lender that will fit your specific needs who can help you get pre-approved for a mortgage loan and break down all your loan options.

To start, we've hand-picked a team of local mortgage lenders who have lots of experience working with Open Listings buyers in your area.

Here is the full list:

  1. Douglas M. Smaldino and Bradley Rice from Hillhurst Mortgage, Inc., based in Los Angeles,CA.
  2. Dean Wong and Michael Abram from RPM Mortgage Inc., based in Marina Del Rey,CA.
  3. Jennifer Beeston from Guaranteed Rate, based in Santa Rosa, CA.
  4. Jeff Van Nostran from Guaranteed Rate, based in Seattle, WA.
  5. Chris Chudacoff from Supreme Lending, based in San Juan Capistrano, CA.
  6. Duncan Jones from Fairway Mortgage, based in Seattle, WA.
  7. Ryan Halldorson & Brooke Dalzell from V.I.P Mortgage Inc.
  8. Julie Aragon from Julie Aragon Lending team in Santa Monica, CA.
  9. Wilfredo Perdomo from Perl Mortgage in Los Angeles, CA.
  10. Sarah Kohut from Guaranteed Rate in Seattle, WA.
  11. Steve Compagno from Supreme Lending in Mill Valley, CA.
  12. Phillip Cannon from Guaranteed Rate in San Francisco, CA.
  13. Russ Laing from Vista Lending in Austin, TX.
  14. Tommy Hollahan from Home Source Mortgage in Austin, TX.
  15. Frank Capparelli from Willow Bend Mortgage in Austin, TX.
  16. Brian Augustine from New American Funding in Chicago, IL.
  17. Marla Branch from Homebridge Financial Services in Chicago, IL.
  18. Dan Rogers from Guaranteed Rate in Chicago, IL.
  19. Ryan Okun & Ryan Heffron from Movement Mortgage

Our collaboration with these mortgage lenders is just another next step as we build the all-in-one homebuying service and continue to make homebuying simpler and more affordable for this generation of homebuyers.

Already pre-approved? Just upload your pre-approval letter to your Open Listings account, and unlock unlimited free house tours and property reports.