Live Near Work!

Long commute ruining your life? Open Listings and your employer can help.

In Los Angeles and San Francisco, typical car commuters spend more than 60 hours each year stuck in traffic. Sitting and slowly absorbing all that unnecessary pollution and ennui sucks for everyone involved: the commuters, their loved ones, other cars and the earth.

It’s not surprising that a commuter’s work life also suffers. 32% of people say that they take commute into consideration when they are seeking a new job. Reuters reports that long commutes decrease job satisfaction and performance. Perhaps worse, culture suffers when employees are racing out of the office to contend with traffic.

Workers don’t need to choose between a dream job and a soul sucking commute. Living closer to work is the obvious, universal solution. It shortens drive times and enables walking and biking. It improves care for family and pets. It makes a company more invested in its community.

So why don’t companies do more to get their employees to live nearby?

Some university, government and private employers already do. USC’s Neighborhood Homeownership Program provides employees who buy homes in nearby communities with monthly payments totaling $50,000 or 20% of the home’s purchase price over a seven year period. Quicken Loans encourages their employees to cut their commutes by offering new homebuyers a forgivable loan up to $20,000 toward their purchase. The Housing Authority of Baltimore City offers grants toward down payment and closing costs for employees of local companies such as Marriott, Sylvan Learning, and Under Armour who choose to live near their jobs.

USC provides employees with monthly payments totaling $50,000 or 20% of the home’s purchase price over a seven year period.

What if there was an easy-to-adopt program that any company could use to increase productivity AND improve retention AND attract better talent AND reduce pollution from vehicles?

Introducing ‘Homes Near Work’

Homes Near Work is a new initiative to help employees find homes near their workplace and to get employers to provide homebuyer assistance benefits.

1. We help employers setup a homebuyer assistance benefit

We’re offering free consultation to California employers interested in adding homebuyer assistance to their benefits packages. These programs are easy to administer and can be set up quickly. We’ll help companies figure out which benefits to offer and can share example applications and legal agreements.

2. We find homes with the shortest commute times

Homes Near Work sites make it easy to browse homes within a 20 minute commute of any California office. The nearby listings that we find take into account not just distance between home and office, but approximate rush hour commute time on an typical Monday morning at 9am. Employees can easily create personalized Homes Near Work pages and share them with their office.

3. We make buying a home less expensive

Open Listings is a new kind of real estate company. We use technology to empower you to shop on your own and an expert support team to guide you through the purchase process. This approach enables us to provide buyers with an incredible commission refund of up to 50% when they buy with us.

Add your workplace at, and if you or your company is interested in learning more, email us at