Introducing: Partner Discounts

At Open Listings, we want buyers to love their homes as much as they love paying less for them.

The scale and passion of our community has enabled us to try something new: we’ve partnered with a select group of companies to provide exclusive deals. These partner discounts make it easier for buyers to afford the newest and best housewares, to design instagrammable rooms, to transport their latest flea market finds and to stock up on the good shit.

These discounts are our version of the congratulatory fruit basket you might get from an agent — thanks for working with Open Listings.

Most of these companies are startups like us — using technology and hustle to deliver high quality goods and services at competitive prices. We’re big fans and are excited to introduce those that might be new to you.

We are excited to launch with these 10 awesome partners:

Parachute Home — Bedding

Home Polish — Interior Design Services

Move Loot — Furniture Marketplace

Saucey — Alcohol Delivery

Tuft & Needle — Mattresses

Benchmade Modern — Custom Furniture

Buddytruk — On-Demand Movers

Simply Framed — Framing

True Modern — Modern Furniture

Tappan Collective — Art Marketplace

Credible — Student Loan Refinancing

Learn more and get the discounts here:

If you’re interested in becoming a partner and introducing your brand to our community of homebuyers, email us at