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First-time FAQs: How do real estate commissions work?

Before entering the real estate market, one of the most common concepts that buyers and sellers have to wrap their heads around is understanding how real estate commission fees work. Since most agents aren’t hourly or salaried, there can be some confusion as to how - and by whom - the final bill is paid. We've created an explainer for you below so you can feel comfortable knowing what you’re paying for and exactly where your money is

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Getting real: do buyers pay real estate agent fees or commissions?

One of the most frequent conversations we have with homebuyers at Open Listings is about our commission refund of up to 50% and how real estate agent fees work. Time and time again, we’re asked by buyers to debunk this homebuying myth: An agent I spoke to said that sellers pay agent commissions. It’s free for buyers. How can that be? The short of it Many real estate agents will tell homebuyers that their service is free, and

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