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Looking for a place that doubles as art? Get an architectural home.

For some of us, our homes need to be more than just a source of shelter -- there's importance in finding properties that have a history and lived experience of their very own. If you count yourself among that group, when you're ready to buy, consider architectural design homes as they hit the market. Curious about what architectural homes have to offer? We've got a primer on this unique subset of real estate, why it’s so important, and how

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Architectural Home Listings in 2017

Open Listings can now identify homes for sale with architecturally-significant provenance! Buy one with us and get a 50% commission refund. Browse them all: www.openlistings.com/architectural Finding homes designed and built by A. Quincy Jones, Abramson Teiger, Albert Frey, Alfred Day, Anonymous Architects, Barbara Bestor, Bill Mack, Buff & Hensman, Calvin Straub, Chalfant Head, Charles Dubois, Clair Earl, Craig Ellwood, Dion Neutra, Donald Wexler, Earo Saarinen, Ed Niles, Edward Fickett, Eric Owen Moss, Finn Kappe, Frank Gehry, Frederick

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