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Your home inspection list of 8 missteps to avoid

Once your offer has been accepted, the next step is getting through your inspections. As the buyer, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared & know what to expect -- and we’re here to help with that. We’ve compiled a list of the eight biggest home inspection missteps that cost buyers money. Read them over to make sure you go into this process with your best foot forward: 1. Skipping the inspection entirely You’ve probably

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Breaking it down: What is a home appraisal based on, & what are some home appraisal tips?

For both potential homebuyers and sellers, home appraisals can be a nerve wracking time because if the appraisal comes back substantially higher or lower than the sale price, both parties will have to renegotiate accordingly. But, we're here to break down what what home appraisals consist of, why they matter during closing, and 7 tips for sellers to ensure they can do everything they can to help move the closing process along. Why should you care about home appraisals as

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First-time FAQs: What do you need to buy a home?

TL;DR With today's competitive real estate market, serious buyers should have a pre-approval letter and/or proof of funds before starting their home search. So, what are proof of funds? When you make an offer, sellers will require you to submit proof of funds. If you're buying a house with a mortgage, it shows them that you have the cash available for your down payment and closing costs. If you're paying all cash, your proof of funds shows you

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What you need to know about negotiating requests for repair

TL;DR Negotiating for repairs is often a delicate process. Be reasonable in your demands, and always weigh the consequences of your requests against how badly you want the property. A good buying agent will have your back and help you navigate and negotiate either repairs or credits. You may have gotten your offer accepted, but if you think the negotiations are over once your new home goes into escrow, think again. After you get a home inspection report and

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11 Easy Ways to Drastically Reduce Your Closing Costs in 2018

When purchasing a home, it’s easy to just swallow or gloss over all of the various costs and fees that get lumped in. You shouldn’t! You have leverage to negotiate not just the purchase price of the home, but potentially tens of thousands of dollars in additional savings. And it’s easy to do when you understand each fee and how to go about reducing or removing it. Closing costs are roughly estimated to be between 2–5%

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