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What's this home worth?

One of the most common questions homebuyers ask is "what's this home worth?" A traditional agent might dodge the question by asking how much a home is worth to you. Online price estimates such as Zestimates are notoriously, perhaps purposefully inaccurate. We believe this critical question deserves a simple, data-driven answer. Understanding a home's value means you can bid successfully without overpaying. It prevents subsequent problems like a low appraisal or a potential loss when you decide to

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Manifest Destiny

We've been on our expansion grind and we're excited to announce that we now have real-time data and thousands more homes for sale with our launch in 12 new counties throughout California. Get deep into state politics in Sacramento. Go back to school in Davis. Start a winery in Sonoma, Napa and Santa Rosa. Start a farm in the San Joaquin Valley. Yolo in Yolo. Retire with us to Bolinas. More to come... Open Listings can help you buy any

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SF home prices declined in two of the last three months

Open Listings tallied all the May 2016 home sales in San Francisco and the median home price has dropped to $1.25M. That's down from $1.29M the previous month (which was an all-time high for SF) and $1.26M in May 2015. Loyal readers know that we're not big fans of median price gazing, but it's interesting to see how the downturn in high-end condos has dragged the median price lower. March 2016 saw the first year-over-year decline in

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After first decline in years, SF home prices hit all-time high in April 2016

Last week we drilled down into the recent decline in SF home prices. Instead of a market downturn, we found that the decline was isolated to homes and especially condos sold above $3M. Below $3M, prices continued to increase and competition was fierce. April 2016 - Back to normal/crazy At the time of publication, there were 394 single-family homes and condos reported sold to the San Francisco MLS in April 2016. Their combined median sales price was $1,285,

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Sorry SF: Housing prices are only falling for the 1%

A couple weeks ago, Redfin reported that housing prices in San Francisco fell for the first time in 4 years. This made for great headlines, but at Open Listings our buyers are seeing prices go up and up with more offer competition in the ranges they're shopping in. So we drilled down into the MLS data to figure out what's really going on. You can't shop by median While it is true that the median sale price fell by 1.

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