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The Complete Guide To Your Down Payment Amount (Down Payment Assistance Programs Included)

TL;DR There is no “right” down payment amount. Every buyer’s situation and location affect the amount they can put down. Given the plethora of financing options for any down payment amount, today’s home buyers put down between 0-20%. Putting down 20% allows you to save money over time with lower interest rates & monthly payments, but while lower down payments may cost more, they make homebuying achievable for many who otherwise wouldn't be able to make a

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7 Ingenious Ways To Save For Your Down Payment in 2017

It might seem impossible, but millennials are buying homes – and affording them. TLDR · Determine how much you need to save for your downpayment · Find out how to save for a house · Save money using apps and asking family for financial help · Create a monthly budget, move invested money into your downpayment · Downsize your current living space, sell things you don’t need Despite steadily rising housing prices, millennials continue to dominate the homebuying market, qualify for stricter loan standards, and

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