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How to apply for a mortgage: Your 4-step guide.

TLDR; Applying for a home loan is the first step to take when getting serious about buying a home. It will help you understand how much house you truly can afford. Get ready for the application process by gathering your financial info, finding a lender to work with, and getting pre-approved. You can always shop around and pick another lender once you get an accepted offer. Mortgage loan pre-approval means approaching a lender with financial, credit, debt, and other information

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7-Step Guide to Finding Your Best Mortgage Lender in 2018

TL;DR Finding the best interest rate requires finding the best lender for your financial situation. Local banks, national banks, online lenders, and more all vary in what they offer. Prioritize researching loan options and interest rates to discover what’s best for you. Locking in a low-interest rate is critical, but your choice of lender hugely impacts your mortgage experience. This guide will break down the pros and cons of top mortgage lenders. Open Listings can connect you with

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