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US "hispennials" bullish on homebuying despite reservations with Trump administration

In December of last year, the Open Listings team took a detailed look at where millennials in the United States currently stand with their homebuying plans. And, contrary to many headlines, we found that millennials are actually already buying homes. In fact, 44% of millennials -- largely based outside of major urban areas -- noted that they already own a home. Over the next couple of years, industry leaders expect one subset of millennials to drive the homeownership rate up

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Breaking it down: first time home buyer programs, loans & benefits

TL;DR The federal government and all 50 states offer first-time homebuyer loans with incentives from 0% interest to zero down payment amounts and reduced monthly costs. There's also plenty of programs to reduce your upfront and total home ownership costs. To complement, Open Listings offers a 50% commission refund at purchase, which can cover up to 1/3 of your down payment or all of your closing costs. With Americans increasingly using loans to fulfill their dreams of homeownership,

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How much house can you afford? Get your answer with these 11 key considerations.

What you pay in rent isn't necessarily how much house you can afford. There are many factors and a number of other considerations. TL;DR Figuring how much house you can afford boils down to your annual income, down payment, debt-to-income ratio, and your credit score. These all impact what your monthly payment will look like and what type of loan and interest rate you'll be able to get. On top of those factors, it's important to also consider any

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