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Looking for a place that doubles as art? Get an architectural home.

For some of us, our homes need to be more than just a source of shelter -- there's importance in finding properties that have a history and lived experience of their very own. If you count yourself among that group, when you're ready to buy, consider architectural design homes as they hit the market. Curious about what architectural homes have to offer? We've got a primer on this unique subset of real estate, why it’s so important, and how

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#MCM October: Mid-Century Modern Homes For Sale

It’s not hard to see why lots of buyers fall for the enduring style of a mid-century modern home. Their open floor plans, endless glass walls, and Scandinavian-influenced simplicity epitomize the casual yet elevated aesthetics of west coast living and provide plenty of sight lines for those Pacific hillside, desert, mountain, and ocean views. This month, we used our service, Architectural Listings, to find some of our favorite mid-century modern homes for sale in October. So, pull up your

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