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In the home stretch: what you need to know about house permits

Navigating the waters of building permits is no fun. As a buyer, it's crucial to know whether the home you’re purchasing includes permitted work. If not, it’s even more vital to figure out what risks you could face going forward and how you should go about remedying the issue. In an effort to help you sort this issue out once and for all, we took the liberty of answering some of your biggest permitting questions so you’ll

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Shitty Listings 2.0 - Your Key To Finding The Next Undervalued Real Estate Opportunity

Way less shitty Shitty Listings is an incredibly useful tool for real estate investors and renovators. It algorithmically scours the market for fixers, distressed properties, and residential investment opportunities throughout California. It finds listings the moment they come on the market saving you countless hours searching the MLS. Currently there are over 3,000+ active properties for sale and it adds 50–100 new listings each day. We made a few key improvements and further integrated the site with openlistings.

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