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US "hispennials" bullish on homebuying despite reservations with Trump administration

In December of last year, the Open Listings team took a detailed look at where millennials in the United States currently stand with their homebuying plans. And, contrary to many headlines, we found that millennials are actually already buying homes. In fact, 44% of millennials -- largely based outside of major urban areas -- noted that they already own a home. Over the next couple of years, industry leaders expect one subset of millennials to drive the homeownership rate up

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Survey: How are millennial home buyers saving to buy their first home?

Millennials’ interest, and their perceived lack of interest in homebuying, has drawn many headlines over the last few years. Most of that attention is rightly focused on student loan payments weighing down this generation in debt. Today's average student debt has ballooned to $37,000. These sky high monthly payments coupled with raising rents and cost of living in metro areas -- hello, avocado toast scandals -- has made it nearly impossible for many millennials to afford a monthly mortgage

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