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Local spotlight: San Diego homebuyer trends

As prospective homebuyers across San Diego, one of Open Listings' biggest markets, step up their home search in 2018, we wanted to take a look at trends around homes for sale in San Diego so we could help prospects know what they should expect to encounter in this year's house hunt. To do so, we analyzed data on the Open Listings platform from more than 17,000 home sales across the greater San Diego area and its surrounding communities over

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The future is here: 5 CES 2018 smart home products that have our attention

Every year, tons of tech companies, manufacturers, and retailers descend upon the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to show off their latest & greatest innovations and to reaffirm that our lives really could be one hairbrained invention away from a Black Mirror episode. From the wacky and weird (Come on - do you really need a self-driving suitcase???) to the sign-us-up-right-now innovations, here are 5 smart home products coming out of this year's CES that have caught our eye: 1. Whirlpool

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Local spotlight: Los Angeles 2017 homebuyer trends

As everyone prepares to say goodbye to 2017, we wanted to take a closer look at what the year was like in Los Angeles home buying. To do so, we analyzed data on the Open Listings platform from more than 8,872 home sales across urban Los Angeles over the last year. How did home sales play out for buyers throughout the year? After ringing in the last new year with 601 home sales in January 2017, sales slowly increased

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Want to buy a house with Bitcoin? Here's what you need to know.

With everyone going cryptocurrency crazy and the value of a single Bitcoin having skyrocketed as high as $19,000, there's two things guaranteed when you work at a real estate startup: Your parents and non-tech savvy family members will ask you to explain what the hell it is over and over again Tech-savvy buyers who've mined their way to Bitcoin and other crypto riches will want to know if there is a way for them to buy a house using

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