Why we support New Story  —  a crowdfunding charity for homes

Every time someone buys a home with Open Listings, we donate to New Story, a nonprofit that crowdfunds houses for homeless families around the world.

“Open Listings is literally housing a family and providing a foundation for them now and for many generations to come. We’re beyond grateful for Open Listings’ heart to give back and for setting an example to other companies.”
- Matthew Marshall, Co-Founder New Story

5 Reasons We Love New Story:
  • 100% Funding Model: 100% of donations made to New Story go to the construction of homes. New Story’s administrative overhead is paid for by their investors.
  • Accountability: New Story sends videos of every family in their new home to that campaign’s donors.
  • Local Support: Their local partner Mission of Hope in Haiti has been actively involved in the communities they serve for over a decade and has a local team of contractors.
  • Homeownership: Safe, clean, and reliable housing for individual families helps support social and economic development for entire communities.
  • Technology: Like Indiegogo and other popular crowdfunding platforms, New Story is using technology to create a positive impact around the world. (They’re also a fellow YC alum)

You can donate to Open Listings’s New Story page and help us hit our initial goal of building a home in Haiti.