What is a final walkthrough?

Updated 4 months ago ​by Aneesah Emeka

In a nutshell: 
It's the last home tour you'll do before closing escrow to make sure the home's condition hasn't changed since your last visit and that any agreed-upon repairs are completed. It should happen 1-5 days before closing. 

The final walkthrough stipulation is not a requirement. It's often waived for new construction or other vacant homes.  But, it's well worth an hour of your time in one last inspection to make sure your home looks exactly how it’s supposed to look.

What do I do? 

  • Be sure to bring your purchase contract. 
  • Do a quick visual spot check. Is everything that's supposed to be there present? Has the seller removed any appliances or fixtures that were part of the deal?
  • Make sure all the doors and windows, including the garage door opener, are in working condition. 
  • Test the faucets, toilets, lights, appliances, air conditioners and garbage disposal.
  • Turn on the exhaust fans.
  • Examine storage areas to make sure no accumulation of trash or hazardous materials are abandoned.