Can I upload multiple financial documents to my OL account?

Updated 2 weeks ago ​by Open Listings

In a nutshell: 

In order to purchase a home, and verify your Open Listings account, you will need to upload these financial docs. There are two ways to upload multiple financial documents to your account.

  1. Click the "Financial Docs" tab under Account Settings. There, you'll be able to upload your mortgage pre-approval letter and/or proof of funds.
  2. To upload a document, click the blue "Upload File" button or drag and drop the document into the grey box next to the "Upload File" button
  3. If you need upload multiple proof of funds documents, you can repeat this Step 2 until you have uploaded the necessary files.

Pro tip: 

If you have multiple proof of funds documents to upload, and you wish to upload them all at once, you can simple hold down the Command key (for Macs) or the CRTL key (for PCs), select the necessary files and click "Open". This will upload all of your files at once.


You can also check out the financial docs you will need to buy a home to learn more.