How is Open Listings different from a traditional agent?

Updated 2 weeks ago ​by Open Listings

In a nutshell:

Unlike a traditional agent, Open Listings is an innovative and technologically enhanced real estate service. We are not just a service, but a real estate brokerage with licensed agents that strive to provide efficient and top notch support to our buyers in a fast paced real estate market.

Who do we help?

From first time homebuyers to investors, we are there every step of the way and can be more or less involved in your home search depending on your preference. 

How do we help?

When working with traditional agents, getting information on properties, setting up private tours or even submitting offers can feel like pulling teeth. Rest assured, working with Open Listings is the complete opposite of that experience.

With our platform, we give you opportunity to create an account (free of charge!) and edit your feed to include your property preferences while we send you listings that meet those preferences. Not only this, but the process of scheduling a private tour or starting the offer process on a home is a breeze since it can all be done on our site!

Anything else?

Aside from the services we provide, buyers love working with us because of the 50% commission refund we give back that goes towards a buyer's closing costs which is not provided by a traditional agent. Ultimately, we view our buyers as true partners in the homebuying process which is why we provide this refund and leaves much to be desired in the traditional real estate model.