How do I request disclosures?

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In a nutshell:
We’re happy to reach out and obtain disclosures for you. When you click Get More Info simply tell us that you would like disclosures in the custom question box. 

Are disclosures always available?
Not always. It depends on the area:

Because the market is very competitive, sellers typically make disclosures available upfront. Sellers agents may post them on the MLS to pass on to buyers or they may be available upon request. Sometimes inspection reports are also available. Please note that agents typically want buyers to view the property being sending over disclosures.

In Southern California Seller's agents don't always have reports and/or disclosures available while the home is being marketed. Typically, disclosures are given to a buyer once an offer is submitted. Although disclosures may not be available, we’re still happy to reach out to the seller’s agent with any questions you have.

Disclosures, commonly referred to as Form 17, are typically available on the MLS database. Sometimes pre-inspection reports, resale certificates, and sewer scope information is also available. We’ll send over available reports and/or disclosures when you click Get More Info.

To learn more about disclosures and why they are useful, click here