How do I tour an open home without an agent?

Updated 4 months ago ​by Open Listings

Ready to make the jump from searching online to viewing homes in person? 

Open houses are a great place to start. 

Here’s an overview of what to expect, plus some tips that every savvy home buyer should know: 

1. The easiest way to see a home in person is to attend an open house. Open Listings includes open house schedules, and there’s no need to have an agent before you visit. Did you know that you can filter your Open Listings feed to show only upcoming open houses? Check it out

2. When you're there, take notes. Make sure to evaluate each home carefully. Don't let the fresh coat of paint fool you. 

3. Know your rights.  As a buyer, you have to right to use any real estate agent you’d like, including an Open Listings agent. One thing to be careful to avoid while you are house hunting without a real estate agent present is something called procuring cause. This is when another agent claims that they helped you find or buy a home and are thus entitled to your buyer’s agent commission.

4. Be direct with other agents at the open house. If you’d like to buy with Open Listings instead of another agent, clearly communicate to all other agents that you are already working with an agent at Open Listings and indicate that we are your agent of choice on an open house sign-in sheet.

Need to schedule a private house tour? We’re available 7 days a via phone and email to speak with listing agents on your behalf. If you’d like to tour a home that doesn’t have an open house, contact us and we will work with the seller to show you the home. Note that we may not be able to accommodate all showing requests