Should I write an offer letter?

Updated 7 months ago ​by Aneesah Emeka

In a nutshell: 
Yes! A personal letter makes your offer stand out and helps convince the seller to accept it. 

Here are 4 tips for writing a persuasive offer letter:

  1. Tell the seller what you love about the house: Whether it’s the neighborhood, landscaping or features of the property, let them know that you see what's great about their property. 
  2. Paint a picture of yourself and your family: Be yourself. Make sure the seller sees your human side. Let them know how much you want to raise your children in their neighborhood or how much the elegant dining area will please your tight-knit family. 
  3. Be emotional, concise, appreciative, & stable: Get creative, but keep the letter to one page. Remember to proofread. Keep the letter gracious and cordial, and do not mention your plans to tear down the shed, or to renovate the bathrooms.
  4. Include a photo: Your photo is the first thing the buyer will see. Smile ,and make it count.

Check out these example letters for inspiration.