What are blind offers?

Updated 2 weeks ago ​by Open Listings

In a nutshell:

When a buyer makes an offer home they haven't seen, even though it is possible to see it, that's called writing a “blind offer."

Why blind offers aren't great:

Often times a seller will not accept an offer from a buyer who has not viewed the property to avoid the buyer pulling out of the real estate transaction. Buyers should always do their own due diligence and see the property before writing an offer to avoid running into something you don't like later. 

What if the seller isn't allowing tours?

Sometimes homes can't be shown because they're tenant occupied or the seller isn't allowing showings for some reason. When this happens, sellers will request that buyers to make an offer subject to inspection -- meaning you’ll be able to view the property if your offer is accepted. The standard purchase offer includes an investigation period that allows you to cancel the offer without penalty if you are unsatisfied with any matter pertaining to the property.'

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