What should I consider when pricing my offer below asking price?

Updated 2 weeks ago ​by Open Listings

In a nutshell: 
While there is sometimes a little wiggle room in a home's price, the real estate market is very competitive right now and we highly recommend keeping your offer within 10% of the asking price. 

Anything else to consider?

  • Tour the property - If your offer is too low and you haven’t viewed the property, the seller may not consider you as a serious buyer and most likely won't even enter into negotiations.
  • Take a look at what comparable houses in the area are selling for right now.

Can Open Listings help with price?
Absolutely! For your offer price, go in strong. Start with a number you feel comfortable with that's still competitive. Then, your assigned buying agent can either start at/under that number to see if the seller will bite or help you re-assess your offer amount. 

If you want to learn more about submitting offers, we also have tips for buying in a seller's market and a breakdown of what makes a competitive offer