Which contingencies should I include in my offer?

Updated 7 months ago ​by Aneesah Emeka

Pro tip: 
Sellers will always favor offers with fewer and shorter contingencies. Without them, the buyer cannot back out of a transaction without losing their deposit.

The most common contingencies: 

  1. Inspection Contingency– Lets you cancel if the inspection turns up major problems a seller is unwilling to repair or give price reduction credits. 
  2. Appraisal Contingency– Lets you back out if the appraised value of the property is less than the current fair market value.
  3. Loan Contingency– Lets you get your earnest money back if your financing falls through and you have to cancel the offer. 
  4. Home Sale Contingency – Gives you a buying “out” if your current home fails to sell.